A State Of Trust

Beloved was checking the ground, just to be safe.  After all we were in California and the ground could shift at any time.  Not that looking at the ground would really do anything, but I guess he felt the need.  Or perhaps it was because we were visiting a friend of mine at his place of employment, which happened to be a reptile house.  😊

My friend specializes in snakes, which made Beloved a shade uncomfortable.  You see Beloved thinks anything that is without legs is something not to be fully trusted.  Nor is a land that shakes and such to be trusted.

So there we were in a land Beloved didn’t trust, visiting a man who was at his place of work which happened to be filled with creatures Beloved didn’t trust.  Can you say great times?😉

The thing is, this friend was someone Beloved had never met before.  Actually with the way things worked out I had met more of Beloved’s friends than he had met of mine.  Perhaps because we spent more time in his home country.  So while work took us to San Diego, California I managed to spend some time with friends and introduce Beloved to them.

he didn’t get much visiting in, not with him having  to keep his eye out for snakes.  He did, however learn that hairspray doesn’t kill snakes.  Granted he learned this secondhand as my friend reminded me that when we were both starting “higher learning” there was a snake in my flat.  I tired to kill it with a can of hairspray.  All that happened is that I wasted a can of hairspray on an ungrateful reptile that wouldn’t even die.

I guess that means Beloved shouldn’t trust me with hairspray! 😉



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