Blessings And Lupus

It’s wasn’t until recently I realised just how blessed I am with lupus in that I have friends and loved ones who care enough to learn about my illness.  I have people in my life who not only learned about lupus,  it learned how it works with me.  For lupus, just like humans, is very individual so signs that I’m in a flare may be different from someone else.

I can’t imagine facing such a life altering illness alone.  And yet there are many people who do just that.  Some manage better than others.  I suspect if I were to face this alone I’d shorten my life span by ignoring so much of what I need to pay attention to.

Until recently I didn’t even realize how much friends and loved ones are a part my treatment plan.  They didn’t necessarily sign up for it, they may not have even realized the part they play.  In a lot of ways the love, support and care they offer is far better than any amount of medication I take for lupus.

these people keep my life full, keep providing me with distractions from being sick and frankly treat me like a “normal” person.  And these are all priceless things, things I can never thank them enough for doing.

perhaps though, the best way to thank them is to not run myself into then ground, to start taking better care of me.


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