Keeping Gareth

” If i promise to walk  him and feed him can we keep him?  Please?!  He doesn’t have anywhere else to go and it’s cold out there, not to mention wet!”  These were the words Beloved used to introduce me to our Gareth who was dirty, soaked and shivering. He looked in need of food, a bathing and a chance to dry off.  He could use a bit of filing out, but that was my opinion.

Bemused, I wondered how this age-old plea could get parents to take in strays and found animals the world over?  Parents know the child won’t  walk the creature all the time, or even remember to feed the poor thing and yet these words, with big eyes, work wonders.

And that’s how Gareth came into our house too.  His place had a massive water leak among other things and  he couldn’t live in a hotel for the number of months it would take to get things fixed.  Being a graduate student he also didn’t have massive sums of money for renting etc., so into our house he came.

Beloved would walk Gareth most  days since they were both heading to university.  Sometime he even fed Gareth, but frequently Gareth fed us as he turned out to be  a gourmet chef in the disguise of a graduate student.

When Gareth’s place was finished, he moved back into it and made us a promise.  Once a month he’d have us for a gourmet meal, dates would change as schedules required.  Frequently it is Beloved he reaps the wonderful reward of the meal, but I’m rather okay with this.  Why?  Because I reaped an even better reward, the wonderful friendship of Gareth who may not live with us, but is a part of our lives!


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