Surprise And Then Some

Sometimes no matter how hard you try it’s impossible to surprise a loved one, but every now and then you manage t pull it off.  And when you do, it’s amazing.  A feat that’s right up there with climbing Everest or winning the Noble Peace Prize.  And sometimes the effort involved is roughly the same as a achieving those other feats.

So of course I was feeling rather pleased with myself after my latest accomplishment.  Especially since trying to  surprise Beloved is a bit like spinning straw into gold.  Not that I’ve ever even tried this in the past,  but given my lack of crafting skills as well as being an ordinary person means this would be impossible for me anyway.  Trust me on this! 😉

Feeling pleased and rather proud I waited patiently for Belved to come home so that I could surprise him.  What was the surprise?  A much desired book that he hard been wanting for years, but it was never where he’d think to look for it.  Sometimes it’s all about who you know, the circles you move in and the levels you climb up or down.

when he finally came home, he had a look on his face that I’ve only seen a few times.  It’s the look of bad news and each time he’s worn it the news has chilled me to my very core. This time was no different.

The surprise was forgotten, lost in the rush of the news and the changes it immediately brought.  It was awhile before I found the surprise and to be honest, when I did find it, it was a surprise to me.

But it was a surprise now tainted, for me at least, by the memory of the bad news.  Still when I gave it to him, Beloved was pleasantly surprised and none the wiser for how long I had kept it.  He also had no clue when or how I had achieved this feat, but for me there was no need nor desire to announce this ascent to Everest for Everest had lost some of its magic.



2 thoughts on “Surprise And Then Some

  1. Sorry your surprise got stained! Hope you feel better about his bad news and that he enjoyed the book ❤️

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