A Few Questions And Causal Ways

There are times I wonder why we place so much attention on appearance.  What I mean is why is it so important for certain professions to dress or appear a certain way.

why does a judge, a doctor, or a lawyer have to be dressed a certain way?  Does it really impact the quality of their work?  Are we that vain or elitist?

If a doctor was to dress more like a teenager would it automatically mean that s/he would not be able to provide quality care?  Would it impact the doctor’s ability to diagnose or solve your issue?

Is a lawyer less competent if s/he wears jeans in court or is it just disrespectful?  And if it is disrespectful, under what terms in a modern society make it so?  A modern society that is causal in most cases hangs onto tradition for some reason under certain circumstances.

Are these just hang-ups around tradition, or reserved for serious/important occasions?   Does it make a difference in the end?



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