Coupling Careeres And Compromise

We knew this day would come, the one that most couples face…the day of compromise.  Beloved had been offered a wonderful opportunity, one that he had been wishing for but never hoped would land his way.  But the timing was a bit off.  Okay a lot off.

You see I had just established myself in my career, was starting to make my own voice heard.  It’s a bit like having climbed a steep hill and walking for days upon end and then finding what has to be the most comfortable chair in the world.  I had just literally sat in the chair when this opportunity came Beloved’s way.

So what do you do in a situation like this?  Who’s the one that needs to give up something?  Or can you both have it your way?  Logistics and such need to be looked at, decisions need to be made and most of call conversations and dialogue must be had.

Historically men and their careers made the decisions, while the female (mistress of all things domestic) managed the moving and setting up of household things.  Oh she may not like it, but women historically stood by their men.

But times have changed, equality and careers for both must be considered, which may have complicated some things.  But then again, maybe it’s not all bad.  I mean its pens the place for dialogue, conversations and exploring.  Plus if you want something enough, you will find a way  to make it all work out.

For us it made sense to not disrupt my work and still permit him his dreams.  So it means a bit more of a commute, but the peace and such are worth it.


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