Pretzel Genes And Human Body

The human body, at least this human body, is simply not made to become a pretzel.  Oh sure, some people have some strange pretzel gene in their bodies, but let’s face it that’s just wrong,

THe human body, ar least this one, isn’t  of made to be cracked sand snapped.  It does its own cracking and snapping when I move so I don’t need to pay someone to crack my back or twist my head.

I understand that for some people yoga is the answer for stress, body aches, pain and such.  For me yoga creates more pain and doubles my stress.  Yoga is not the answer for me.

for some people a chiropractor making their joints snap and crack is music to their ears. For me it’s just not a pleasant noise.

I tend to try to power through pain and aches, pretend that stress is nothing.  I know it doesn’t always work so when push comes to shove I get the big guns out and use them.  I’m talking books, pain killers, company and such.

W each have our own ways of coping with things, our own methods for getting by.  Often times we fail to see that there is another way, that if we open we may learn another way to manage things.  Of course when we are in pain or under stress we tend to not be open to things.  We tend to be stuck with blinders on.  Not that I think I will ever get the pretzel gene, but just maybe I’m wrong on this count!


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