List of Must Haves

A friend of mine is in the midst of house hunting.  She had a small condo that was perfect for herself, but now that she is married and has a stepson who is four, she needs something else.  The list of what she needs is roughly a mile long and half a mile wide.

I understand being concerned about the volume of traffic, after all that impacts noise and the value of home.  I don’t really understand this distance from house to street issue.  If the kid  is going to run out you still have To be faster than he is otherwise he will hit the street.  She is now concerned suddenly about the fact that there is traffic in the street.  It’s as if suddenly streets shouldn’t have cars on them, just to protect the child.

The rooms suddenly have to feel spacious regardless of the child’s toys.  Children are going to have toys, and toys won’t always be put away,  but do you plan the whole house based on that?

Her list has an oversized garage on it; a large, well landscaped yard; close to particular stores etc.  And none of these items are up for compromise.

She has found her search to be frustrating, but she isn’t willing to budge on any of her must-haves.  She has changed realtors twice  already and is debating another change.  When I suggested this isn’t the type of change she needs to consider, she informed me that I don’t understand how challenging it is for her now that there is a stepchild to consider.

Who knew that when it comes to kids there e is no such thing as compromise.  Although im pretty sure staying in her condo is what happens if one don’t compromise on some things and focus on whats really important.




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