The Find?!?

He came in with a gleam in his eyes and a smile that covered his face.  “I’ve found it!” He proclaimed, almost floating into the room.  You’d have thought the man found the fountain of youth, the lost city of gold, the philosopher’s stone or perhaps even the meaning of life.  But alas it was none of these items that he found.  Instead he came in bearing a bottle of wine.

Of course, to his credit, it wasn’t just any wine, it was the elusive bottle of his favorite white.  I guess in a way it was like the fountain of youth, a lost city of gold.  Enough wine could make a person believe s/he found the philosopher’s stone and surely with enough of the drink the meaning of life would come into a fuzzy focus of sorts.

And I honestly can’t fault him really, at least not too much for there have been many times when I’ve done the same.  I’ve come home with some remarkable treasure or such that only I can be that thrilled about it.  Some of my finds haven’t even been all that elusive come to think of it.

It’s rather easy to get caught up, now and then, with our findings.  Perhaps we do it to escape from the mundane tasks of ordinary life.  Perhaps we do it just because we can.  Then again perhaps we do it because for that one moment we have made an amazing find, even if only in our own minds.


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