I’m pretty sure my parents had plans, not completely detailed ones, but plans nonetheless for my future.  I wonder what they had planned, nay, hoped and wished for my future when they first held me.

I wonder how far I am from those initial hopes and dreams and if that really means anything?  My grandmother always said the only thing parents really hope and dream for their children so to be happy, healthy and loved.  To her anything after that was icing on a cake.

Beloved is certainly not exactly what my parents wanted for me as he isn’t all that practical when it comes to household fixes.  But hen owes make me happy as no one else can, which means he also makes me sad or hurt in a way that no one else can.  Nothing, after all, can be without its opposite for nature is all about duality, yin and yang.

My chosen profession and paths I’ve decided to travel upon haven’t always been easy.  Frankly I’ve taken some pretty rough terrain simply because I could, or because I made a wrong turn somewhere and managed to find something remarkable by doing so.

Am I healthy?  Well I’m as healthy as I can be given my circumstances.  Am I happy?  Mostly I am.  Am I going to be okay?  As okay as I can be given the uncertainty of this world.  Regardless of all that, I really wouldn’t have things differently.  My life is what I choose to make of , what I choose to find in it.  And I find it not lacking because it’s full, interesting and mine!  So maybe I have met their dreams, and if not, I’m at least living mine.


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