Beautiful Labor, Sweet Obessions

My neighbor has a passion  obsession with roses.  Her garden is filled with a variety of roses, in an amazing ray of colors.  When they are in bloom the garden is a riot of colors and competing smells.

Unfortunately her garden doesn’t bloom all year-long, but she had planned her garden so that the roses come into bloom throughout the whole season.  She also plans the garden for striking shades colors juxtaposed against each other.

When the roses are in bloom she is busy pruning, watering and tending to her roses.  She coaxes huge blooms where she can and lets the busy bees take care of the rest.  Wwhen it is the off-season, she is busy planing out the next phase or researching the next rose.  Her industry, much like the bees, is a  thing of wonder.

To me it appears to be a labor of love, but to her there is no labor at all, just love.  She claims it is the roses and bees that give her love, not her giving love to the garden.  Perhaps it is mutual love, just the right amount of give and take.  At any rate it smells like heaven and looks like paradise!


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