Trouble With Towels

We have a towel thief  in the house.  Beloved swears it isn’t him and I know it isn’t me, so basically that leaves the dog.  And he isn’t talking, well at least not in a language I understand. 😉

I know there are five towels in the washing machine, and there are still five when the machine is finished.  I throw those same five towels in the dryer and those five towels come out of the dryer.  But then suddenly one of them goes missing.

thankfully the towels aren’t held for ransom, I know this for a fact because I eventually find it elsewhere in the house.  I cannot say how they get to their new locations, I cannot even say if they’ve gotten slightly used during their absence.  All I know is they go missing for a period of time and then get found again.

so I ask you, friends, why doesn’t this happen when the socks go missing?  Why is it that a matched pair go into the wash and when I retrieve everything from the dryer I only have one sock?  Where and how does the other go missing to never be found again?  Is this a case of the laundry elves messing with me?  Is this bound to be one of thoses unsolved mysteries of the universe?


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