Moi? A Princess?

Beloved has decided and declared that  I am a princess.  I have, after all, passed the princess test.  You know the one, no not where you spend like crazy, although I’ve heard that can be rather fun.  No, I’m talking about the tried and true test….the mattress and the pea.

Not that I’ve slept on a heap of mattresses all at the same time.  Or that Beloved has put a pea under the mattress either.  But if there is a lump in the mattress, leave it to me to be the one to find it.

there was just a tiny lump on my side of the bed, in the mattress no less.  A pillow top style mattress and I was unable to sleep.  All because this little lump less than the size of my thumb nail was in the wrong spot.  No matter how I moved that lump was there.

And let me explain one thing, if I’m unable to sleep, Beloved is unable to sleep as well.  because suffering is meant to be shared.  I’m pretty sure that’s an unwritten rule.  Besides as a princess I must be entertained!

Now I really must dash because I need my tiara and glass slippers all nice and sparkly!😉


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