Poop Happens

Into every life a little darkness must fall.  Poop, my friends is a fact of life and everyone does it.  We just don’t typically discuss it as a bodily function.

We may discuss how the poop has hit the fan, is flying, is rolling downhill, or who is going to land in it when we are at work.  Heck we may people who think they are hotter poop.  Perhaps we know folks who smoke that poop, but that’s really about the extent of our conversations regarding poop in most adult settings.  Unless of course you work in that field!

If you have an infant or a young child who is potty training right now in your life, you know poop can be the whole topic of discussion.  There is color, consistency,quantity and quality to consider.  You can even discuss where the poop happens and somehow this all seems okay.  Most people understand that poop will not always be the major topic of conversation, for this phase will pass.  😉

But oh my when parents are still in this phase they can find themselves saying things they never thought they would utter ever.  Such as this sweet gem I heard a friend recently say to her three year old daughter: “there will never be a circumstance in your life, where playing with your poop is acceptable.”    I mean who thinks that s/he will ever have to say these words? Did any of us grow up wanting t say these words?

Another amazing gem uttered from the same friend is:  “is the poop coming?  Push him out so mommy can see how big he is!”

Im sure she will forget all these phrases soon enough,  even if they had me giggling like a toddler myself!  Mostly because I know her to be a highly articulate adult with an amazing vocabulary.  Who happens to have a fixation on poop these days! 😉


2 thoughts on “Poop Happens

  1. Love, love, love! In my house we also get to practice our counting skills. It often sounds like a perverted version of a Dr. Seuss book in my bathroom.

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