It’s Textured

Who doesn’t want a textured wall?  If you have a small child who is just learning how to eat, chances are you’ve decided against a textured wall.  Especially one that is food textured.  You may have come to the same conclusion regarding your floor.  Textured floors aren’t the very thing at screams out cutting edge home decor.

If you have a dog you may have textured floors for other reasons.  Our dog has decided our floors require texture and traction.  He achieves both of these using the same process…he grabs a mouthful of kibble and spits it out randomly on the floor.  I know, amazing right?  If by amazing you mean disgusting!

Our dog happens to believe in textured walls too.  No he doesn’t put kibble on the walls. He licks hem instead.  Yep, doggie slobber, all at his height on one of the walls.  I’m not sure what the appeal is of this wall, but it seems to need to be licked.

now when young children are learning how to feed the sleeves, accidents are bound to happen with smushed food, dropped food and even flung food.  This is, I have been told, a phase.

When the dog does his thing, I’ve been told it’s a means of coping.  He apparently suffers from separation anxiety.  So he licks the wall and spreads kibble.  Kibble that you step on and hurt your foot, because kibble is hard.


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