Plans And Then What’s Real

He had decided we would row to the island, have a picnic and a walk and then leisurely row back.  He prepared and packed the picnic, gathered up blankets and got everything ready.  According to his plan I wouldn’t have to do anything other than enjoy the beautiful weather, the good food and company.

What could possibly go wrong with this?  Well the promised sunshine turned to grey clouds as a start.  That would have been okay if it stayed that way, but of course in my world it doesn’t work that way.  Once we were out on the water the clouds decided to unleash torrent of rain, which meant no picnic on a nice warm beach  enjoying the sun.

Instead we were like two drowned rats, cold and soaked as Beloved decided it wasnt going to let up and so we should just head back.  The picnic, he reasoned could be consumed in the car.  Not exactly the same, but it’s the thought that counts right?

The company was good though and while the food was a bit more moist than I was used to, it still tasted good.  So we sat in the shelter of the car, Ou of the rain with the heat on to dry off a bit, munching on our picnic and talking.

As we pulled up to the house, a rainbow became visible and the beautiful sunshine made a reappearance.  All in all, it was a good day, a bit more refreshing than I had anticipated, but still delightful.


2 thoughts on “Plans And Then What’s Real

  1. Glad to hear you went with the flow and rescued what could have been a miserable day.

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