That’s My Favorite, No Wait, That’s My New Favorite

Is it just me, or have you also found that nice you find a favorite drink or such the store goes and changes it?  Or, horror of all horrors, they go one step worse the discontinue your favorite item! 😮

Now ow sometimes we consumers ar  able to be  our favorite  product back.  But sometimes we are forced to find new “favorite” of the business’s  products.  This isn’t always an easy task and sometimes we end up “settling” for the “next best”.

Tthere are, of course, those creative souls, the ones who can almost exactly recreate that favorite product in their own homes.  Clearly I am not one of those souls.  Heck I can’t even recreate the same meal twice even while having the same groceries and recipe in front of me.

Beloved is highly amused by my moaning over the loss of a favorite drink, but when I point out what he does when I cook a meal the bemused look leaves his face.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve prepared something he enjoys enough that he asks form th again, only to be disappointed with the again version.

sure, sure, evolution.  Yes I understand that by providing me with a new taste or product I may find a new favorite as we evolve  and find new things.  But sometimes I don’t want to evolve, sometimes I want to sit back and enjoy my favorite drink and know it will always be there.  Does this make me old?  Does this make me stodgy?


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