Growing Spider

It was a small spider, no bigger than my thumb nail, but it was loose.  Loose in my house.  I had spotted on the ceiling, mocking me.  It dared me to come and get it as it traversed merely across the room.  Clear this spider had no fear.

I had decided to leave it be, mostly because it wasn’t where I could reach it and because it was too cold to set it outside.  I guess you could call it an uneasy acceptance on my part, which worked fine during the day.

Night however was a different story.  At night, as if by magic, that little spider grew to the size of a dinner plate.  It grew massive fangs, long hair on its leg tangle me up.  Every step it took shook the very house.

What is a girl to do with a magical spider like that?  Someone told me to torch the place, but that seemed a bit much.  Besides how do you explain this to insurance?  So instead I spent a rather wide awake night, found the spider the next day and set it free.  I was hoping it wouldn’t freeze, but it had to be evicted for both our sakes and my sanity.

If you have suggestions of ways to deal with these spiders, please let me know!


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