Hobbies of Horrible Ideas

There are some things  make you wonder what the heck were they thinking when they did that.  Things you just can’t fathom yourself doing, or perhaps any rational person doing.

one of the things I cannot fathom is the Victorian honouring of their dead.  I can’t imagine how they decided it was grand idea to take photos of the dead, to use human hair as a frame for the photos, I just don’t grasp the need for that.  Perhaps because  I hold memories more dear and I guess because photographs are common enough these days.

i also do not understand the Victorian taxidermy approach either.  Granted taxidermy and I arent anything more than nodding acquaintances.  But taking dead rodents, posing them in various stages of action and dressing them up in basically doll clothes?  Yes I cannot begin to imagine why that was seen as a good idea.

Beloved suggests it is because I don’t have a great deal of spare time myself so I can’t understand wha it would be like to need to fill that time, to find a way to entertain myself for hours n end.  Granted hen hs a friend wh  is in to toy trains big time.  His friends as trains running all throughout his house, complete with wee towns set up and fields of toy cows to mired past as well.  Again I do not understand this, but as Beloved pointed out, I do not have enough spare time to allow myself to fill up with these things.

if  had spare time I’d fill it up with reading or coursework because that’s what thrills me I guess.  Although I’m beginning to wonder if I would be granted special rights if I started to collect dead hamsters and such and set them up in various tableaux!  Heck I’d grant myself special rights if I did this.  Special rights to a long vacation in a padded room.  Because it’s just not me.


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