Does The Village Revovle Around The Child

When I see  my friends with their children sometimes I wonder how it is that I made it through childhood.  It isn’t that my parents didn’t care for me or love me, I mean they assured me that this wasn’t the case.  But my parents never considered child proofing the house, well other than teaching me the word no, often and early in my life.

Some of my friends seem to think the world revolves around their children.  I hate to be the one to break the news, but the world, really does not revolve around their precious little offspring.

Oh don’t misunderstand, I completely get how a parent’s life becomes consumed by his/her child.  In a way that’s how it should be.  But to expect a law office or a university to suddenly become not just child friendly, but child catering is a bit much.

When  a friend recently expressed horror at being asked to leave a lawyer’s office as her young daughter basically put graffiti on the wall I wondered what happened to the woman I used to know.  The practical one; the one who didn’t want nor need special treatment; the one who was childless and didn’t think that status or the status of having a child meant more attention.  Somewhere among the dirty diapers, bottles, first steps and babbling she lost track of that.

When I suggested that I would have done the same thing, she became angry asking what I expected a young child to do in the office.  A gentle suggestion to bring items to occupy the child was met with stony silence and then “why should I have to carry all that around”.

I didn’t say it but I probably should have pointed put her child is her responsibility, including entertainment.  Heck my mom carried a huge purse around for years, not because she  wanted to, but to carry the stuff for me.  If she felt it should be otherwise, she never said a word.  Of course she also didn’t expect offices to be rearranged to suit me either.  And my mother may have felt that yes a village raises an child, but certainly never would say the whole village dotes and revolves around only one child.


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