Thinking Out Loud

I stuck my toes in the sand, pushing back the thought of what all might be in the sand.  I went further down towards the water, not only was the sand burning on my feet, but it was full of ick things!

Of course once my feet ended up n the water all I could think about was the fact that the ocean was full of fish poop and other ick factors.  I suppose the nice thing to do would be to keep these thoughts to myself, especially while we are standing in the water.  But of course I can’t just keep that to myself.  Oh no, I must share my horrible thoughts with him right in that moment.  Something compels me to share it, leaving no dreadful thought unsaid.

he claims I spoil the moment, and well I agree that perhaps my timing is a bit off, I can’t help it.  We are meant to share things with our close friends after all.  And I love to share these thoughts with him.  Mostly because he makes the most hysterical faces as his mind fills in the parts that I didn’t get!

I like to calls to love, he likes to call it cruel.  But he got his feet out of the water and sand awfully fast so I conclude there is some truth to my points!


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