Lighting The Way

I have one of those motion detection lights on the garage.  The idea was to have it illuminate the patio and sidewalk on my way to the garage in the early morning or late evening. Think of it as a sense of security.  Except it isn’t.  Because the wind sets the light off.  Small birds make the light go off.  But me walking outside?  Not a chance of that light going off to illuminate my way.

At first I thought I had its set in a poor location so I did what a normal person would do. I moved it.  That didn’t make a difference.  So I checked online to seek ir there were suggestions and so on.  But the only suggestion that kept coming up was to move the light.

Out of frustration I called in a professional to see what was wrong with the light.  He couldn’t find anything wrong with the light or its location, so he said he would come back when it was dark to see what it did. Come back he did.  He walked directly in its path, but the light refused to go off.  He fairly danced along the path that should make the light comes on, but nope.  Nothing.  Nothing but darkness, until, a flicker and then there was light.  Thanks to a squirrel.

He couldn’t explain it, but he agreed to try a new light.  We had the same result.  My light doesn’t offer me security in the way lighting my path.  Instead it offers  me security that nature is around me, nature is still magical and I am not alone in the darkness.

I wonder if I can train a bird to be at my beck and call for this light…


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