Head Spaces

Have you ever had a head massage?  An honest to goodness head massage?  I had one for the first time just a few days ago and im still not sure about it.  I’m not even sure what really happened.

I gave it a try as a means to elivaite  a headache that didn’t want to leave.  I explained my situation and was assured the head massage would help.  So with nothing to lose I gave it a try.

firm, confident and gentle hands began sure strokes that somehow soothed snd tamed the questions in my fevered mind.  I cannot explain exactly what was going on, but I felt something within me give, melt a bit and then just drift away.

Did it help with the headache?  Not really in that I still get headaches.  But it helped allow me to relax and loosen up and when you have stress or lupus or even both its a wonderful thing!


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