Hobbies, Ideas and Me

Golfing is supposed to be relaxing.  A game of strategy to be sure, but relaxing.  Unless you happen to be me.  Then it’s not relaxing, not for me,  not for any golfing partners and certainly not for innocent and unsuspecting souls just out and about on the course.

Golf, where I am concerned, is a mix of baseball and ice hockey.  This isn’t intentional, it is just that I suck that badly.  I try to stay away from golf.  I don’t watch it, I keep my distance from those places.  But of course now and then I get sucked into it.  When I do its dread all around.

Ice skating is the same for me. I wasn’t born with those adaptable ankles that good skaters have.  I’m more of an along the boards kind of girl.  As in I will kind of pull myself along the boards.  Actually I’m more of a let’s stay warm kind of girl.

I know some folk say will say ice skating is relaxing, calming and enjoyable too.  Again, I will keep my distance from it all the same.  However I’m sure it’s pure comedy for those who watch me attempt to skate.

Why am I telling you all off his?  Because im seeking a little something different to do,   something I can do.  So far this eludes me. Suggestions and ideas are welcome!


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