Clean Up Detail

I heard him gagging and coughing as I came through door and into the kitchen.  Normally this is not the way he greets me.  I’m not sure that he greets anyone this way.  Okay I don’t want to know if he does.

So with careful steps, a sense of slight dread I headed to the bedroom, where he was coughing, gagging and gasping.  His back was to me, well somewhat at any rate because he was on his knees with his back to me.  I couldn’t see any blood on the floor and he didn’t appear to be choking so like any normal person, I asked him what he was doing.

If only I could share the horror with you my friends, the absolute horror that met my eyes.  A gelatinous  greenish brown substance was piled and spreading on our cream bedroom carpet.  Why?  Because clearly the dog had an accident and decided his butt deserved soft carpet versus tile flooring.

To his credit, despite gagging and coughing, wearing rubber gloves and having towels and bags everywhere, he was trying to clean up the mess.  Only he was making it worse and I felt tears rise to my eyes, just as I saw them fall from his.  He was crying due to his coughing and I was crying over the way he could make a mess some much bigger than it was to begin with.

so I ended up grabbing soap, water, being ar and baking soda an reminding myself the dog was sick, it wasn’t his fault.  After that the carpet got steam cleaned, and even though there was nothing visible, I still considered it dirty.  So it got removed.  Because sometimes things can never get clean again.



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