When You See It What Do You Do?

Lack of sleep, stress and nerves can make anyone see something at isn’t there.  Or maybe see something a little differently than how others see it.  We can accept that these happen when the conditions are just right.  In small children we call it an over active imagination.

in some cultures to see, hear and converse with things others cannot see implies that the person with this gift is very spiritual.  In those cultures to have these gifts is considered an honor and they are much welcomed.

But  I’m not sure how you put it when  a well rested person with moderate stress starts interacting with her hallucination in a normal and daily fashion.  I’m not exactly sure what it means when this happens.  More to the point, I’m  not sure what to do about it. Or if something needs to be done.  Maybe things are fine this way?  An adult with an imaginary friend who happens to be a moose.  A moose that evidently wears heels, tight, body hugging drsees and has a thing for red lipstick.  What do you do with this?

First I guess we should be grateful that the moose isn’t real, making a mess or damaging things.  Secondly we can be glad  that the beer drinking, lazy beaver has apparently moved on, replaced by the moose.  Third I guess I am grateful that the moose doesn’t interfere with my relationship with my friend.

in the end, I guess, if my friend doesn’t have an issue with her moose, do I have a reason to take issue with it?


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