My eyes hurt, my neck was burning and the throbbing in my head made concentration impossible.  I had taken aspirin, tried a warm pack, attempted massage and nothing was working.  I was utterly miserable and it seemed that the more I tired to eliminate the miserable feelings the worse it got.

some times you just have to stay with where you are, not because it’s easier but because doing anything else is too much.  And some times, when you stop forcing things the situations change faster than when you force something.

You see things happen in their own time and change in their own time.  When we try to alter plans or force things all that we do is make things worse.

So how did I get rid of  all the pain in my eyes, neck, and head?  I gave into it all, laid down and rested until it passed.  Granted that was easier than what some people deal with, but my experience has been that it’s better to not force things.  The same holds for people, we cannot force them to be or act in a way that is not true to who they are.


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