Futile Promises

I grabbed a pillow, some books, a blanket and settled down to wait it out on the sofa.  Beloved grabbed his pillow and books and joined me.  There wasn’t much else to do since the power was out and so was the heat.   We had flashlights, candles and time.  The dog had already found his bed, blankets and toys.  He was set for just about anything.

the fact is, even once the power came back we just stayed reading for a bit.  I know it’s important to take this time and slow down, embracing the simple things, but for us it seems to take an act of something outside our control.

I’m not sure if it’s human nature, or just our nature, but after an event like  that, we tell each other we need to make more time for the simple things.   We promise ourselves that we will schedule time for this each month. And then one of us becomes too bus, or ends up having to do something else.  And then that month becomes two or three and soon it is just a faded memory.  The memory comes back to life when another similar event happens. And then we are back into those promises that are only going to be broken soon after they’ve been made.


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