Lesson From The Dog or How To Break The Silence

Splish, splash, Beloved was taking a bath after a long day of research.  Ships had set sail, others had come in during the times he sat in the bath.   Three times he drained the water and filled the tub up again.  The first time I knocked on the door to see if he was hungry, the only answer I received was running water.  The next time I called out to him, only silence answered back.

this wasn’t a happy bath, he sings when he is having one of those.  Or he has music going on while he reads a book.  But this time there was no music, no books.  Instead it was just a harsh running of the faucet and draining of the tub and silence, heavy and cold filled the air.  He probably froze when he got out of the bathroom and grabbed a robe to throw on.

He came into the kitchen, made himself a tea and headed into the study, where he almost silently closed the door.  Beloved was mad, beyond mad, moving to furious.  The more angry he gets the more silent he becomes.  This I learned quickly, sadly the dog still has to learn this.  And so the poor dog parked himself outside the door, now and end swatting a paw at it, as if to say let me in.

But the dog knew that eventually Beloved would surface and when that happened the dog wanted to be there to greet him.  When the door opened, the dog shoved his way in, wagging his whole body and demanding a pat.  Gentle words were spoken to the dog and Beloved came into the kitchen announcing he was throwing on some clothes and would be right back.

the thing is, he wasn’t angry with me, he never was.  He was disgusted and angry with humans.  He was appalled at what humans do to each other in the name of beliefs.  There is no getting him out of the mood, he needs to work himself out of it.  Some how, though, the dog always makes it right nod gets him through the hard parts.  Some how, when we give up, the dog doesn’t.  The dog never gives up or gives in no matter how silly humans are.  And there is something to be learned here.


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