Aging Mind and Lost Creativity

Is there anything as heart-melting as a massive tail wag and a cold, wet nose pushed against you for a welcome?  Well unless it’s Beloved doing the whole cold, wet nose thing.  There is nothing welcoming nor heart-melting if he does this.  Then it’s use disturbing.

Beloved doesn’t have a tail so he doesn’t have the ability to do a massive tail wag either.  He settles for arm and hand waving, which is more than fine for me.  Frankly I’d be a bit worried if he grew a tail or  started waving it around.  Okay so more than a bit worried!

but recently he was left in the care of a 3-year-old boy.  Well actually the other way around, but sometimes when his inner child gets free it’s a bit hard to tell who is in charge.  Anyway, while looking after this child, he was stuck trying to answer the questions about why we don’t have noses like puppies.  Why we don’t push our noses against people like puppies do.  How come we dont have tails.  What would he do if he had a tail.

SOmewhere in the answering of these questions he decided that life isn’t fair, that we might to have big tails to wag, just not him personally.  He said it was hard to explain things in a way that the little boy could understand and not be told because.  After all to a young child it makes perfect sense for people to push their noses against  the hands of other people.  And tails are surely lovely things to play with.  Thankfully beloved has refrained from withers r these activities, burn to one’s make a person wonder how a child’s mind works and what happens to the mind when we age that we stop needing a tail of our own!


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