Love And Pointy Things

Why is it when we want to make someone fall in love with us we consult a witch doctor to tell us what to say and when we are no longer in love with that person we seek a voodoo practitioner to teach us how to make the doll and stick the pins in the right locations?

Beloved happily points out that dome people get shot by a little arrow or two from Cupid to help them fall in love.  Some how I don’t think the arrow from Cupid’s bow is as painful as those pins in the voodoo doll.

Beloved assures me its all in the individual’s own perception of pain.  Frankly I’m more concerned that there is a naked toddler shooting arrows randomly at people than I am about the pain.  Most toddlers I know aren’t the cleanest of creatures so heaven only knows what’s all over the arrow tip that enters you!

as for sticking pins in the doll, well I told Beloved it’s really just a bit of acupuncture if you will.  It just happens to be acupuncture that the person may not have wanted or needed!😉

fortunately neither is us have a sewing kit because we just aren’t handy that way so if things dissolve there isn’t a hope of acupuncture being done.  At least I hope not! 😉


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