Routine And Night Skies

Why is it when  you are tired something comes along to disrupt your sleep?  In my case it’s a dog who has suddenly decided being outside at midnight, two am and four am is where it’s at.

At first I thought the dog was sick or in dire need of the great outdoors, but it appears that the dog has suddenly become enamoured with watching the night sky.  I Have yet to see him pull out a note pad and pen or a tablet or even a camera to take pictures of the changes in the sky at these times, but I have no other explanation for this behavior.

I myself have been and still am captivated by the night sky and thee changes that occur in it, but not to the point of needing to get up at certain times and sit on the ground, which is cold by the way, to watch it.

Beloved assures me that if I continue down this road I will train the dog that this is now an acceptable hours to get up throughout the night.  I’d rather this not be a habit so I’m trying to work n breaking it, but I have a fear that the dog may have a “toilet” accident in the night and frankly  I dont want to have that as my wake up call.

And  if it wasn’t for the fact that lack of sleep gives me a headache and makes my lupus worse I wouldn’t be as picky about these interruptions.  Because let’s face it the night sky  is a marvellous thing.  Not only has it held, man kind captivated with those “fires” in the sky, it has, apparently captivated my dog.

I guess I will start to worry when he comes in with an Astronaut suit! 😉


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