Poser Posing

My downward dog is something my own dog is ashamed of.  I’m pretty sure he has disowned me from this one simple yoga pose.  So simple that to him, its second nature and requires no thought.  For me….well if I were a dog and did this as a stretch, I’d probably go live out my life as a hermit.

My pigeon pose is something that real pigeons poop on.  I known its of people struggle with this pose, but for most a light  pops on and they get it.  As for me?  Well my mind takes a flight to parts unknown and I’m left unable to figure out which way my legs go and where my arms should be.

I wonder if yoga instructors don’t just come up with silly poses as a means to laugh at those of us who struggle with the moves that these instructors find so simple.  But I’ve seen the pain in on the faces of instructors I’ve worked with, evidently my clunking and awkward poses pain these instructors.  A deep, soul searing pain judge from their expressions.

I am good at one pose though.  The tree pose, I can do this.  I excel at this pose.  I just suck as a tree.  Well I suck as a tree if I’m supposed to be an all and graceful tree.  I’m bit more, organic shall we say?  I’m a little closer to the earth and a bit more “wild”.

another pose I happen to be good at is the one where you just basically rest on your mat, flat your back.  I’m good at this pose too!  Now let’s face it, they don’t make yoga classes based on just these two poses.  And im okay with this on account of the fact that I refuse to pay much to a yoga instructor to provide him/her with the entertainment i no doubt bring as I struggle to do these silly things.  So basically I do these two poses at home and save the money that otherwise would go to pay for the classes.  I like to think of this as a win-win situation.  I mean I’d  hate to be the person who causes that much pain or too much laughter to an instructor.


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