Mindlessly Weird

I feel sorry for the T-Rex.  Sure other dinosaurs feared his huge teeth, but how could they not giggles to those silly looking arms, front legs?  Surely this is a sign that the cosmos has a sense of humour!

More proof?  Why are the largest animals/dinosaurs vegetarians?  And why have these large animals move so slowly?

How is it that insects and rodents survived and not these marvels of terror?

mosquitoes and dinosaurs!  How does this work?

Yes friends these are things that sometimes run through my mind as I’m out and about in my every day life.  I also wonder why superheroes tend to wear tights or spandex and frequently have capes.  When I wear tights or spandex even if I grab a sheet as a cape, the only super power I have is at of laughter.  I guess I could stun a villain with the hysterical sight of me!


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