A Little Ruin

It’s the little things in life that matter some people say.  I agree, especially after a day like today.

Afterall it it was just a wee hiccup, that got in the way and ruined the day.  Just a minor thing that created a major issue.  The minor hiccup?  A furnace that doesn’t work when it’s cold outside.

sure the furnace itself is huge, but not working? Well that’s really just a small thing until its your furnace not working.  Then it’s massive because a frozen house is a huge issue.

So you make a small phone call and they set up a small appointment that ends up taking all day for your house to heat up.

that small appointment that takes all day messes up all the other little things you have planned.

Beloved assures me that it’s all just a matter of perspective and when I gain some distance this truly will be a small little hiccup.  Of course he isn’t the one who woke up to a house with no heat.  Nor was he the one who had to postpone everything else he had lined up for the day.  So I’m sure sleeping on the sofa won’t be a big issue for him either! 😉


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