Throwing Logic and Responsibility To The Wind

Ever have one of those days where you just want to ignore the responsibilities of being and adults and let your inner-child out to play?  Today was one of those days for both Beloved and myself.  it started with a walk to the local market where we had a lovely coffee and got information on where to go for lunch.

We threw rules, caution, and yes even logic, into the wind and decided to follow our hearts, desires and wants!  What this equated to, looking back, is that we went into various stalls of the market in the most meandering of ways.  Sometimes we had Tom on suck up an aisle three or four times to see stalls that were right next to each per because our  inner-children insisted that we see this or that and then come back to whatever caught our eyes next.  Not the fastest way to do things really, but fun!

Lunch found us at another fun place to be, we opted to order whatever caught our whims and roll with it.  It turned out to be a great plan.

Then our inner-children decided to have some gentle time, so we went back to our room to read, recharge and spend the afternoon on the beach.  We ignored the wind blowing sand everywhere, we ignored the fact neither of us had grabbed a towel, because kids don’t need towels!  We walked, we played in the surf and we came back refreshed and alive!

WE were  here supposed to go out to fancy restaurant tonight,  but that didn’t happen.  Instead we headed down to a little place that was full of color and sound and settled down for a fun meal.  Was it five-star?  Nope.  Was it good?  Yep.  Did we have a good tie. Yes.  Did we follow all the rules and manners?  Nope we ate with our hands, we ate off each other’s plates and laughed until our cheeks ached!


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