Harmlessly Potential

Beloved’s sister assured her daughter that the dog was harmless.  I know she did I  because the dog is basically family and he is awfully cute, but I wanted to tell her not to tell the child that.  It’s a lie.

okay so the dog hasn’t ever bit anyone, he hasn’t actually done anything horrible,  it there is always the potential.  Thankfully Beloved stepped in and told his niece that no animal is ever totally harmless.

The dog has a serious underbite, which to Beloved means he can get a bigger bite.  I’m not sure about that.  But the dog does have one weapon he uses regularly….doggie gas.  This stealth weapon is nearly lethal most of the time.  He releases it without any warning, it sneaks up on you when you are innocently sitting there minding your own business.  It’s a low hanging, long-lasting gas.  This is the stuff of chemical warfare.  But how do you explain it to a small child?  Beloved opted to let her experience of on her own, after reminding her  not to tease the dog or play rough with him.

aft twenty minutes she came to us, tears in her eyes stating that “the is something spoiled in the puppy’s tummy”.  I think we all ended up with tears in our eyes laughing at that.

I know some will judge us for not reassuring the child that the dog was harmless and she had nothing ton ex afraid of.  But I’d sooner that  the child learn that everything has the potential to harm when it feels the need to protect itself.  And no I’m not referring to the gas attacks, that’s a whole other story!


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