Magic, Gifts and Wonderment

Sometimes in life we are given a glimpse  into the childhood of someone we only know as an adult.  These past few days have been pure magic for me in regards to this and so much more.

ive watched Beloved play in the floor  with young children, pushing toys with them, making sounds of a car and so on.  I’ve watched him build towers and snap together Lego with kids.  And best of all I’ve seen him amid a pile of children, all engrossed in a book he is reading!  This is pure magic!

I’ve  also watched him learn how to ride a toboggan, snorkel and scuba dive.  These are things that he wanted to do when he much younger, but there wasn’t the money or the resources, or trips to do so.

This is a gift that you cannot wrap up, but lasts long after you are finished opening it!  It  gave me the joy of seeing him do things with child-like wonder and amazement!


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