The dog was less than pleased  with me.  He let me know it by completely ignoring me.  I’ve decided that then of is really a toddler wearing a dog outfit.  I’m pretty sure this toddler never ages but instead scours the Internet to come up with new was to ignore me or show his displeasure.

He used to just go off to his area and flop down on the floor for a little while and hen all would be right between the two of us.  I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with him being displeased with his humans because living with us isn’t easy always.  And I  am not saying he should always do exactly what I want him to do either because he is stubborn and his own individual.

Frankly when he started just turn his back on me and pretending like I wasn’t there, I thought it was somewhat cute.  But it didn’t stay that way.  He escalated to finding my stuff and rolling on it, or dragging it through out the house as well as ignoring me.

Now he happily ignores me by acting like im not around and doing exactly what I’d rather he not do which means not just dragging stuff throughout the house but also deliberately spreading water from his water dish wherever he can.  I think he’s going for quantity rather than distance, which is a good thing! 😊

Beloved will deny the dog does this with him, but I’ve witnessed it.  I’ve seen Beloed grab a treat to tempt then of near him when the dog is in ignoring mod.  Much to our surprise, the dog wasn’t tempted in the least.  Who know a pug could be so stubborn?

Now I know dogs behave similar to human toddlers,  it I honestly think mine has taken it just a bit too far!  Is it time for a nanny?


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