Quick now, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in life? I’m not talking about putting your socks on the wrong feet. I. Talking craziest thing that you’ve ever done like bungee jumping or whatever.

Wait…can you put your socks on the wrong feet? Do they make socks for right and left feet? I suppose they do, if they are toe socks. Then maybe that might be crazy, if you did put them on the wrong feet.

Beloved phoned me talking in a rush as though time was some thing that was running out fast. “I just did the craziest thing ever, I mean ever, in my life. My life you know? Crazy stuff!” He stopped to grab a breath or so.

This pause gave me time to consider my options. Did I WANT to know what it was that had him all energized? I mean there are times when knowing is not always the best thing for one’s sanity. Should I wait for him to spill the beans? What exactly does crazy mean?

When he started to speak again, it was more slowly and carefully. He was editing himself it seemed and I got a glimpse into what he may have been like as a young, mischievous child.

“Bought a car, didn’t do a lot of research, just bought a new car. Reliable though, you will like it.”

We didn’t need a new car, but well sometimes you get caught up in things. Okay a car isn’t the end of the world, but price? Only see what I didn’t know then, because he was careful not to tell me, was that it was not the most practical car. A convertible sporty little thing.

Craziest thing I ever did in my life? Decide after a sort period of time that Beloved was the one for me, before I really knew him. Then again do we ever really know someone?

Beloved doesn’t see this as crazy, how quickly we found each other and settled in without really knowing each other. Beloved also doesn’t see a multi-country lifestyle to be crazy. It’s just us according to him. And maybe that’s true too, but looking back, at the time it was a bit crazy on both our parts!

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