A commercial came on for plastic surgery. What caught my attention with this commercial was the audience it was targeting–men.

Most of the commercials for anything cosmetic tends to be aimed at women. After all women do not age gracefully apparently. Perhaps it is in part because women are fighting this aging process all along the journey.

Men, traditional, end up distinguished as they age, at least that is the cliché. Women however never seem to fair are well when the clichés are mentioned. So it was refreshing to see men being made insecure about aging and their looks. Refreshing in a not good way.

I turned to Beloved and asked him if it ever crossed his mind to fight e terms of nature and try to look younger,more at least stay in a holding pattern for a period of time.

Frankly I love those little crinkles around his eyes that scrunch up when he laughs. I like the bits of grey sprinkled here and there in his hair. I adore the fact that his face isn’t all perfect and Hollywood, it has character with his nose slightly crooked.

I love that he isn’t insecure about how he looks and has no desire to look a certain way, almost like a cookie-cutter design for men.

I was hoping that the reverse would more the case, that rather than men being targeted as part of this movement, that women would be afforded the luxury of growing old gracefully and not in denial over the process. Why we feel such a need to control a natural process is lost on me. If we are doing it in an attempt to save off death, then we are living in a fool’s paradise because death doesn’t care about age.

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