What Would You Do?

She turned around, first this way and then that. She smiled, she frowned and most of all, she waited. She waited for me to say something. She was seeking an answer.

Unfortunately for all involved it was not a yes or no type of answer, it was not so cut and dried or black and white. You see, she is a dear friend who asked for an honest opinion. An honest opinion about a dress she was already in love with. A dress that did not look well on her at all. A dress she was so in love with that she bought it. Now what to say?

I could be honest and tell her it looked awful. I could tell her that the color did not suit her, that the style did not suit her body. I could tell her that the dress did not do her justice.

I could save her feelings, knowing she thought it was so wonderful that she couldn’t really see the dress on her. Mi could simply agree with her. I could become philosophical and tell her something along the lines of beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Either way it would be done out of friendship, but of course there would be consequences. What would you do, knowing she asked for an honest opinion? Knowing she loved the dress and already bought it because she thought it looked great on her?

Perhaps, if you tell me what you’d do, I will share what I did! ūüėČ


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