Taking Yourself Away

A few years back I spent a month on vacation. It was a blissful month, one that allowed me to refresh and recharge myself. (I know that makes me sound less like a human and more like a battery or piece of equipment. When did we get to this point?)

I was telling a friend about the idea of taking a month off and putting ones self first. It’s a wonderful thing if you can afford it. My friend asked me how I could spend a whole month sitting on my beach.

I must confess my response was something akin to “What? Who does that?” And that’s when it hit me, many people will think a vacation to be a relaxing enterprise, doing only a few things and then resting again.

My month-long vacation was not relaxing, not in the sense of resting on a beach. There was a lot of biking and walking, some hiking and some heavy lifting (shopping for books etc.).

The point is we all rest and recharge, find our peace if you will, by doing different things. But what we all need to do is remember to honor ourselves, not in the bragging sense or throwing our egos out. When we do not honor ourselves we may be sending messages to others that it is okay for them to not honor our needs for taking of ourselves. Let’s face it, we aren’t crabs so we aren’t going to re-grow body parts. They may be able to transplant organs, but that isn’t a guarantee. The best investment you will ever make is the investment in yourself and your well being.


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