Simply Too Hard For Some

I fought it, I ignored it. I tried to pretend it wasn’t happening, but of course there comes a point when you can no longer live in denile. You have to admit that you have the flu or the cold.

No there is no way around it, and there is nothing to do but suffer through it. Oh I get that most of us will get one a few times a year, but when people who are sick refuse to do simple things to keep it from others, well that ticks me off.

What is it about the Western world that says no matter how sick or contagious we are, we should still go into the office, we should share this with others?

Yes I was taught to share as a child, but I was also taught to cover my mouth when I coughed or sneezed and to always wash my hands. Sadly I do not work with people who always follow what I take as common sense.

Maybe these people feel it isn’t enough for just them to suffer, that if they are miserable and sick so should everyone else.

I beg of you, any of you who are sick, please restrain from sharing. Some of us are on medications or have conditions that make the common cold or flu far more serious. Your common cold will create all kinds of havoc and mean I miss out on much-needed chemo therapy.

Sure I know the flip to this is that someone like me should live in a bubble or something, but that doesn’t pay the bills, and the government says I should be working.

So common sense says if you are I’ll stay home and get better not just for your health, but also because let’s face it when you are sick your productivity drops.

I will never understand why something so simple as if you are sick, stay home is so hard for people and companies to understand.


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